COFADEH – Urgent Letter to U.N. High Commissioner on crisis in the Aguan

We have received reports that, after a 12 hour negotiation session, the Unified Peasant Movement of the Aguán (MUCA) has signed a preliminary agreement with the Government of Honduras regarding the conflict in the region. The agreement is scheduled to be ratified on Saturday in Tocoa, Colón after the peasant population has had an opportunity to review the terms.

During the negotiation session, President Lobo committed to withdrawal the police and military presence from the zone. This is a positive development; however, the situation remains tense. Hours after the agreement was signed, the Regional Director of the National Agrarian Institute (INA) was detained by police at a military checkpoint in the zone.
One day before the settlement was reached, Honduran human rights organization, COFADEH, has issued an urgent letter to the United Nations High Commissioner outlining events in the region and recommending actions.
We will continue to monitor events closely and will call on you again if your action is needed.  Thanks to your strong response to this alert! UN High Commission-1_0.pdf