COFADEH list of murders since the coup in Honduras

The accompanying pdf document is a list of confirmed political murders since the coup d’état was carried out in Honduras in June 2009. It has been very carefully prepared by COFADEH, as a part of their Third Report since the coup.   Regarding the deaths listed, they have only included in their report the deaths which their staff has personally investigated. It is widely understood in Honduras that the number of murders is much higher than those listed here, but there are many factors which contribute to a reporting of fewer deaths.
The principal factor for people not reporting murders of their family members or friends is related to fear. The purpose of the selective assassination program which continues to be carried out is to instill fear in anyone who dares to stand up against the coup, or who now continues to resist the false ‘restoration of normalcy’ which is the current program. The result is that often family members won’t mention a death, or try to hide the political connection to a murder because they are afraid of further repercussions against their family if they speak out. 
As a result, the actual number of people who have been killed by the death squads which have emerged since the coup is certainly much higher than the 40 reported here. This is a list of only those which have been carefully documented by the COFADEH team. REGISTRY OF DEATHS SINCE COUP.pdf, REGISTRY OF DEATHS SINCE COUP_0.pdf