Accompanying HOPE in 2011

It has been a tumultuous year. The human rights crisis and state sponsored terror rage on in Honduras. Torrential rains of climate change wreaked havoc in Nicaragua. U.S. militarization intensified throughout the region. Embolden by the U.S. elections; right-wing extremists have already set an ominous tone in Washington for policy towards Latin America in 2011.

Yet, in the midst of this militarized maelstrom, HOPE and human tenderness shine steadily like a clear, bright, star. Thanks to your generous support, we are accompanying HOPE in the Americas.
Bertha Oliva, (Director of the Committee of the Families of the Detained and Disappeared of Honduras), spoke of this HOPE in her acceptance speech for the Tulip 2010 Human Rights Award for her "exceptional courage in protecting and promoting the rights of fellow human beings."

The adverse reality will not impede our struggles and victories; on the contrary, we become stronger. There is no future for Honduras without truth and justice. Truth is the extraordinary opportunity we have to rebalance power. We have hope that the truth will serve Honduran society, enabling us to see each other face to face, without forgetting the past. (Bertha Oliva, Dec. 10, 2010) 

In 2011, Friendship Office staff continues to accompany the Commission of Truth as it works to fulfill its mandate to seek the truth, justice, redress and an end to impunity from the perspective of the victims of the coup d’état.   We will expand the Honduras Accompaniment Project, placing teams in areas of the country where accompaniment is urgently needed. In January, two new members join the team.  

Please join our Honduras Human Rights Accompaniment Delegation, January 22-29th, 2011.  For more information, please contact Jenny Atlee,
Thank you for accompanying HOPE in the Americas.  Please consider a gift to help us expand this work in 2011.
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