5 more Tulipanes murdered in Locomapa

We inform the national and international community that yesterday, Sunday February 21, the Tolupan tribe in San Francisco de Locomapa suffered another massacre. This time it took place in the village Cabeza de Vaca Number 2, where four people were killed during the massacre and one more died just now in San Pedro Sula.

We deplore the plight of the San Francisco de Locomapa tribe, which has suffered a total of 17 violent deaths without any arrest by the State of Honduras – a state in collusion with mining companies and illegal loggers, who together spread terror and death in the Tolupan people.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS has decreed protective measures for the population of the San Francisco de Locomapa tribe and requested direct protection of some twenty indigenous people. Nevertheless, the authorities at the Public Ministry, the National Police Force and the Armed Forces seem to work closer with the murderers of the Tolupan people than with the victims

We call on the international community to demand from the State of Honduras to punish the murderers of the more than 100 indigenous people massacred in recent decades.

In the coming hours we will be releasing the names of those killed, while at the moment we need to protect some survivors as the face imminent threats.

(Statement from Fund Ambiente and MADJ).