Friendship Office of the Americas

The Friendship Office of the Americas is a social justice organization that fosters solidarity between the peoples of Nicaragua, Honduras and the United States and pursues polices of peace and friendship.

Analysis, Solidarity, Action—a Workers’ Perspective on the Increasing Use of Migrant Labour in Canada

Canada’s Part in the Global Integration of Labour MarketsAt the September 2006, United Nations High-Level Dialogue onInternational Migration and Development, the International Organizationfor Migration (IOM) made a proposal for a set of measures to integratelabour markets around the world, and ultimately make them yet moreflexible.The ‘International Migration and Development Initiative’ emerged fromdiscussions between the IOM- an inter-governmental organizationestablished in 1951- the private sector, the World Bank, and some

Historic Citizen-Government Interchanges

Wednesday December 7, 2006
Today was a monumental moment in the history of government-citizen interchanges. Normally these alternative summits are held on the other side of high fences, and often there are ‘altercations’ which accompany the marches protesting the deafness of the government officials gathered inside the barricades. Today, thanks to the initiative of Evo Morales, President of Bolivia and Host of the Official Summit the first open citizen/government interchanges are happening inside the gates of the Alternative Forum.

Why Must I contribute $25?

Dear Friend of Nicaragua, I want to address a few complaints about the $25 contribution to include your signature in the full page ads that appeared in the two Nicaraguan papers on October 13. We publicly challenged the U.S. Ambassador Paul Trivelli to stop trying to manipulate the Nicaraguan voting process. Our ads produced a strong defensive reaction from the Embassy.