Friendship Office of the Americas

The Friendship Office of the Americas is a social justice organization that fosters solidarity between the peoples of Nicaragua, Honduras and the United States and pursues polices of peace and friendship.

Letter to Congress from a multitude of Colombian Organizations

Congresswoman NANCY PELOSI, Bogotà, April 19, 2007 Speaker of the House of Representatives Congressman CHARLES RANGEL, Chair, Ways and Means Committee Congressman SANDER LEVIN, Chair, Trade Subcommittee, Ways and Means RE: The Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the United States should be rejected by the respective Congresses of both nations.

Haiti Getting Lots of Attention from International Community – Just not much actual assistance

This week the Rio Group – Latin America’s regional cooperation forum is meeting with members of the European Union in the Dominican Republic to talk abut a number of things. But Haiti is high on the agenda, even if it is not Haiti’s agenda. The Dominican Republic has essentially blocked discussion of migration issues, especially the rights of Haitians and their Dominican born children. So yet another conference focused on Haiti, no doubt leading to press releases, promises of aid and photo ops. Despite numerous promises, little has been delivered.

JUST SAY NO! to Fast Track

Trade Promotion Authority, better known as Fast Track will expire on June 30th. Because this power has been so abused by the Bush Administration, the Alliance for Responsible Trade and Quest for Peace have launched a campaign to place a Signature Ad in the New York Times once the request for a renewal of Fast Track has happened. We recently launched a new web site around this campaign. To read more about this campaign and add your signature to this initiative, please go to:

Haitians Who Landed in Florida Last Month Still Detained, Awaiting Word on Immigration

[from Black America web:]Also see Fanm Ayesyen Nan Miyami web site for updates: Wednesday, April 18, 2007By: Jackie Jones, BlackAmericaWeb.comMore than 100 Haitians who landed in a Florida community continue to be detained as they await a decision on whether they will be sent back home or allowed to immigrate to the U.S read more

Challenging the Empire and its SPP

OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION for the: "Challenging the Empire and its SPP" WorkshopManuel Pérez Rocha For the Alliance for Responsible Trade (ART) Teach In "Integrate This", Ottawa. March, 2007 The Security for Trade and Prosperity for Elites Partnership (STPEP):"How governments close their eyes on the roots of migration and instead build walls" read more