Mercosur condemns illegitimate and illegal elections in Honduras

Dec. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Mercosur, the South American trade bloc led by Brazil and Argentina, condemned the “illegitimate and illegal” elections in Honduras after the interim government and congress failed to restore ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

Letter from President Zelaya to Presidents of Latin America

Presidente Zelaya sends letter to Latin American Presidents asking them to stand firm in the defense of democracy and not to recognize illegitimate elections, “Every time a legitimate, elected government is overthrown in America, violence and terrorism win a battle and Democracy suffers a defeat.”  


“Your only crime was walking down the street.”

 As helicopters dropped tear gas canisters beside him, University of Montana senior Joseph Caldwell sprinted into his driver’s van, which sped him safely away from the smoke-filled streets.

Non-violent march called for San Pedro Sula today amidst bomb explosion and detentions.

The Quixote Center Delegation contingent in San Pedro Sula will observe a non-violent march called today by the resistance movement. The Delegation of US and Canadian citizens has received reports of detentions in Danli overnight and two bomb explosions in schools used as voting stations. One bomb exploded in a school in Progesso and another in San Pedro Sula. Both were heavy explosions- not homemade but military devices- and were located in areas that did not result in much damage. The explosions add to the state of te

Zacate Grande, Honduras -Leaders flee community, pursued by military. Nov. 29, 2009

Military and police entered the community of Zacate Grande at 2:00 am, detonating two bombs. The population of 800 families was obligated to vote by armed actors dressed as civilians. Twenty four community leaders, who appear on a list in the possession of the military, fled and are being pursued by the army. House by house searches are being conducted. The communities are terrified.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras - Delegation Report Nov. 29, 2009

 After three days of meetings with leaders of the resistance: lawyers, teachers, media, politicians, leaders of the women’s movement, human rights organizations, it has become evident that the de facto regime contends to go forward with its delusions of democracy by putting forward this mock election. Five months since the military escorted Zelaya out of the country in his pajamas they continue with its campaign of terror and repression against the Honduran people.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Delegation Report, Nov. 28, 2009

We have just returned to our hotel. Today was a busy day. We met with the Canadian Ambassador to start the day. He presented us with an official position taken by the G16 (written paper), as well as the press release yesterday from Minister Peter Kent. The Ambassador indicated that Canada has not stated that they will recognize the elections on Sunday, but he did also not take a position that they would not recognize the elections. We appear to be sitting on the fence.

QC Delegation - Emergency Alert for Community of Guadalupe Carney

We just received a call from members of the Popular Resistance Front
in Tocoa, in the department of Colon who are reporting mass millitary
and police presence in a community called GUADALUPE CARNEY. This is a
community that experienced repression in August, an organized
campesino, peasant community that have been threatened since the
police arrived to have their homes raided. This is just one of several
raids that have occured today, among the homes of youth and students
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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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