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Resistance as well as violent repression continue

Thousands gathered today at the Universidad Pedagógica to renew their resistance.  There are still reports of shootings, beatings, torture, and illegal detainment.  The president of INFOP was shot in the head and is gravely wounded.  Partners report that acoustic devices loud enough to cause damage to the ears are being used outside the Brazilian embassy.

Quixote Center delegation hears explosions, sees tear gas and smoke from burning tires

Today the Quixote Center Accompaniment Delegation struggled in the midst of a state of siege to reach hospitals where wounded are being treated and to the stadium where detained are being held prisoners.Tonight they report that they can hear explosions from protests that are being repressed in neighboring barrios and tear gas and smoke from burning tires is filling the air. 

The Frente Naciónal Contra el Gólpe report that the Resistance has taken several police stations

The Frente Naciónal Contra el Gólpe reports that about five police stations have been taken by the Resistance.   Meanwhile, in the Kennedy, in Tegucigalpa, the police are using live bullets and teargas against the crowds.  Our delegation is in a nearby neighborhood and can hear chanting – “Adelante, Adelante – la lucha es constante. Forward – forward – the struggle is constant.”

Two thousand detained en route to Tegucigalpa

According to COSIBAH, the Honduran banana worker federation, there are some two thousand people detained in front of the Dippsa gas station in the Villa Nueva community.

COSIBAH was informed that the military stopped these citizens while they were traveling to the capital from the surrounding towns to show their support for the returned president.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/ldmjrp