Rita Clark d’Escoto – founded the Nicaragua-United States Friendship Office in 1991 in order to sustain the strong ties of solidarity between the peoples of these two countries during the decade of the 1980s.

Tom Loudon – has worked in Central America since 1984 in the areas of human rights, development and international policy with Witness for Peace, the Bloque Inter-Comunitario, American Friends Service Committee and the Quixote Center.  In August of 2010 he was appointed Executive Secretary of the Commission of Truth in Honduras where he is based for the Friendship Office. 

Jennifer Atlee – has worked in Central America since 1984 in the areas of human rights, trauma and recovery and international policy with Witness for Peace, the Guatemalan Church in Exile, Nicaraguan Ministry of Social Welfare, AFSC and the Quixote Center. She is the author of Red Thread; A Spiritual Journal of Accompaniment, Trauma and Healing which chronicles her experiences in the war zones of Nicaragua during the U.S. sponsored contra war. 

Caitlin Power Hancey
– has worked as a policy advocate and community organizer on social and environmental justice issues for ten years in Canada and Central America.  She served as a human rights accompanier in Guatemala with the Coordination for International Accompaniment in Guatemala (CAIG) and is active with the Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network (ARSN) and the Martimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network (BTS).  Caitlin is a Coordinator for the Honduras Accompaniment Project in Tegucigalpa.


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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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