Victims of the Coup d'État March in the Capital

Starting at 8:00am on Thursday, June 28th in Tegucigalpa, thousands of demonstrators met at the Pedagogical University and marched to the offices of the United Nations to make their denunciations.

Members of the National Front of Popular Resistance (FNRP), and its coordinator, ex-president Manuel Zelaya, participated in the event, along with relatives of the coup’s martyrs. They demanded justice and reparations for the victims and justice for those responsible for human rights violations. Demonstrators announced over a loudspeaker that 210 people have been assassinated for political reasons since the coup d’état in Honduras on June 28, 2009.

The protestors demanded liberty for all political prisoners and those suffering political persecution, including lawyer and ex-Minister of the Presidency under Zelaya Enrique Flores Lanza, who is currently under house arrest and accused of diverting 5.6 million dollars in connection to public relations campaigns for the national consultation ex-President Manuel Zelaya attempted to carry out to determine public interest in recreating the Honduran Constitution.

In front of the UN offices, the coordinator of the FNRP presented a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon requesting that he intercede on behalf of leaders and members of civil society groups who are suffering daily threats and harassment.

All participants unanimously demanded basic respect for human rights and an end to the impunity enjoyed by the perpetratos of the coup d’état. The Honduras Accompaniment Project was present throughout the march and the demonstration in front of the UN building.

Photos: Honduras Accompaniment Project