Help us get new server and desktop computers!

Quixote Infrastructure Drive 2008

The Quixote Center is a unified community of work, though we may tilt at different windmills. Some of us try to end the injustice and build friendship in this country, some in our church, and some in our foreign policy. But we share one building, and we share one underlying infrastructure. While our online infrastructure has been built up significantly in the last two years, and has enabled bold new efforts, we find that we are now running up against more mundane computer limitations. We’re going to need your help to hurdle over them!

For instance, we’ve been able to secure low-cost donations and purchases of modern software, but our 7-year-old desktop computers are hardly able to run it. While the staff rarely complains, new computers would be a special present to lighten their load every day as they do the work of the Quixote Center.

Secondly, Both of our main servers are 9-year-old models for which we fear parts will soon become unavailable or prohibitively expensive. They have served us amazingly well, but it’s time to look forward. Our server drives are full, making it increasingly difficult to safeguard and share the many databases, documents, and media that make our work possible.

New desktops will mean more powerful software, fewer problems, and new ways of working for our program staff, not to mention some peace of mind for Andy and Ryan (our IT team). New servers will safeguard the history of years of work while paving the way to new projects and capabilities.

You Can Help!,