About William Callahan

William R. Callahan is a codirector of the Quixote Center in Brentwood, Maryland. A physicist who did his doctoral work at Johns Hopkins University, he was ordained as a Jesuit priest in 1965. In 1971, he was part of the founding team of the Center of Concern in Washington, DC. In 1975 he began Priests for Equality, and with Dolores C. Pomerleau he cofounded the Quixote Center.

In recent years, Bill has coordinated the Quest for Peace campaign which sends development and humanitarian aid to Nicaragua. In 1991, he was dismissed from the Jesuit order, apparently for his advocacy on sensitive issues of justice within the church such as gender equality, gospel treatment of gay and lesbian people and for his work to end the repression of the people of Central America.
Bill links his spirituality and social consciousness, nurtures equality in civil society and the Roman Catholic church. He works, speaks and writes on Central America and Haiti and encourages Catholics to share responsibility for the life of the Church. Bill, a lover of the earth and its people, is a longtime farmer and beekeeper.