U.S. Militarization of Costa Rica - Statement from HSA

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The entry of U.S. troops into Costa Rica is a threat to Latin America

We would like to express our strong rejection of the decision by Laura
Chinchilla’s government to allow the entry of 7000 marines and 46 warships
into Costa Rica from July 1 to December 31, 2010 under the pretext of
fighting drug trafficking. This decision is a violation of the territorial
and political sovereignty of the Costa Rican people and a threat to Latin
American democracy.

Three Costa Rican political parties --Acción Ciudadana (PAC), Frente
Amplio (FA) and Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC)-- denounced the agreement
because it will allow the arrival of warships that are capable of
transporting 200 helicopters and war planes, frigates, the Freedom class
of Littoral combat ships that are capable of attacking submarines, and a
hospital ship. This operation continues the militarization of Central
America. The size and nature of the weaponry being deployed cannot be
justified under the pretext of the war on drugs, and goes against the
nonmilitary and pacifist spirit that has characterized Costa Rica for more
than 60 years, since Costa Ricans made the decision to abolish the army.
The National Outreach Commission of the Popular Movement (Comisión
Nacional de Enlace del Movimiento Popular) emphasized that this new phase,
military occupation, is a direct consequence of the commitments made in
the chapter on security within the framework of the FTA, signed by Oscar
The United States in its strategy of domination is determined to expand
its military options in Latin America. The installation of seven bases in
Colombia, the intensified militarization of Honduras and Haiti, the
announcement of new bases in Panama and the deployment of the Fourth Fleet
are a threat to the people of Latin American and their processes of self
determination. This is why we express our support for the people of Costa
Rica and we reject what constitutes another aggression in the region.

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