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Report Back from the January Honduras Accompaniment Project Delegation

A report-back from two members of the Friendship Office delegation to Honduras in January who were representing US-El Salvador Sister Cities. The original can be found at:


Join a Honduras Accompaniment Delegation: Nov 27-Dec 4th 2010

Your presence is urgently needed in Honduras. Over a year after the coup in Honduras, heavy repression continues to destroy lives, families and trample human rights. Levels of impunity, militarization and para-militarization create what partners describe as a state of war against the people. 

Press Release of US Citizens protest in front of Embassy in Honduras



Delegation FAQ

What kinds of things will we be doing on the delegation? Delegation activities will be decided on a daily basis, based largely on the on-the-ground situation and the requests from our Honduran partners. Activities may include:

  • Visiting the non-governmental human rights office
  • Accompanying lawyers and human rights promoters to detention facilities and hospitals to verify the whereabouts and condition of detainees

Preparation Manual for Solidarity and Accompaniment Delegations in Post-Coup Honduras

A Solidarity and Accompaniment Delegation to Honduras with the Quixote Center is for people who are willing to have their lives touched and forever changed. The primary reasons for considering a Quixote Center delegation to Honduras in the context of the current political tension is to answer the call from the Honduran people for international presence. The Honduran people are waging a historic and persistent nonviolent struggle against military and economic hegemony.

Sample Delegation Schedule: Archived from the 4th International Solidarity, Accompaniment and Observation Delegation in Honduras 2-9 August, 2009

Sunday, August 2
Day Arrival of people
4:00pm Meeting with the past delegation and the Anti-coup Front (El Frente)
8:00pm Dinner with the new delegation members to get to know each other and for an overview of the week

Self-Assessment for Potential Delegates

Thank you for considering an upcoming Solidarity and Accompaniment delegation with the Honduras Accompaniment Project of the Quixote Center. The presence of internationals in the current context of the oppressive dictatorship in Honduras is essential right now.

Honduras Accompaniment Project: Delegations

In June, 2009 a military coup détat was carried out in Honduras, sending shock waves throughout the Americas.  

The military takeover of Honduras has galvanized a massive resistance movement that draws from nearly all sectors of society. 

People are responding to the repression with an astounding message: They are afraid of us, because we are not afraid of them!

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Honduras Accompaniment Project blog in English, including articles, news and urgent actions.

Blog en español del Proyecto de Acompañamiento internacional en Honduras (PROAH), incluyendo artículos, noticias, y acciones urgentes.



Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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