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Will Biden's Billion Dollar Plan Help Central America?

 This article by Alexander Main, recently published in NACLA asks critical questions regarding the "Plan for Prosperity" being proposed by the Administration:


Senate Dems push back on $1 billion plan for Central America

This recent Los Angeles Times article documents resistance coming from more progressive Democrats to the "Plan for Prosperity" recently proposed by the White House:

Frank: U.S. should rethink support for Honduras

 Here is a link to a recent Houston Chronicle editorial by Dana Frank, Professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

IACHR visit to Honduras Dec. 2014: Preliminary Observations concerning the Human Rights Situation in Honduras

 Last Friday, December 5, 2014 the IACHR concluded a week long visit to Honduras. Their initial observations demonstrate that the situation concerning human rights continues to deteriorate and that the current government's actions and failure to act impels the situation in the wrong direction. A full report will be released, but not until the spring of next year.  Here is a link to their initial, rather detailed observations. 


Press release by MILPAH (Lenca independent indigenous movement of La Paz) and CONROA (National Coalition of Environmental Networks and Organizations)

Amnesty International Alert

 Amnesty International just released the following alert (PDF)  alert regarding the killing of Juan Angel Lopez Miralda in the community of Rigores in Tujillo noting that others in the community could be at risk.

Excerpts from Congressional Briefing on the Impact of U.S. Security Assistance on HR in Mexico, Central America and Colombia

During a visit to Washington in late July, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández and Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina jointly called for a regional security initiative modeled on Plan Colombia in response to the rampant violence sweeping their countries. 
In an October 29th Congressional brie
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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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