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San Pedro Sula, Honduras - Delegation Report Nov. 29, 2009

 After three days of meetings with leaders of the resistance: lawyers, teachers, media, politicians, leaders of the women’s movement, human rights organizations, it has become evident that the de facto regime contends to go forward with its delusions of democracy by putting forward this mock election. Five months since the military escorted Zelaya out of the country in his pajamas they continue with its campaign of terror and repression against the Honduran people.

"I don't know how they are going to legitimate these elections..." --Bertha Oliva

29 November 2009

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS: The streets are empty, as are the polling places.  The majority of activity outside of the polling places is at the kiosks whose existence--replete with illegal election propagando, balloons, and cheerful and helpful citizens--is meant to encourage and motivate people to vote in the face of what is already a clearly successful people's boycott of elections.

Tocoa, Honduras - Delegation Report November 28, 2009

Two of the leaders of the Frente (the resistance coalition) in this region met with us to give more information about the situation and to work out what we will do tomorrow, on election day.

As I write this at ten at night, the streets are deserted and all the shops and restaurants closed. Last night these same streets had a steady stream of cars and people walking along the sidewalks. The hotel, tonight, has a guard armed with a shotgun circulating around the hotel.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Delegation Report, Nov. 28, 2009

We have just returned to our hotel. Today was a busy day. We met with the Canadian Ambassador to start the day. He presented us with an official position taken by the G16 (written paper), as well as the press release yesterday from Minister Peter Kent. The Ambassador indicated that Canada has not stated that they will recognize the elections on Sunday, but he did also not take a position that they would not recognize the elections. We appear to be sitting on the fence.

QC Delegation - Emergency Alert for Community of Guadalupe Carney

We just received a call from members of the Popular Resistance Front
in Tocoa, in the department of Colon who are reporting mass millitary
and police presence in a community called GUADALUPE CARNEY. This is a
community that experienced repression in August, an organized
campesino, peasant community that have been threatened since the
police arrived to have their homes raided. This is just one of several
raids that have occured today, among the homes of youth and students

Police and Military Raid COMAL – alternative marketing network of peasant, women’s organizations.

At 1:40pm today heavily armed members of the national police and military raided COMAL (Alternative Community Marketing Network) in Siguatepeque, in Comayagua. COMAL is a newtork of 42 small-scale peasant and women's organizations from throughout Honduras.  QC delegation members arrived at COMAL while the raid was still underway.

QC Delegation Report from Tocoa, Nov. 27, 2009

We arrived in Tocoa after a 10-hour bus trip from Tegucigalpa.  Tocoa is the end of the bus line.

Reflections from QC Delegation - by Lisa Sullivan/SOA

I´m here with the Quixote Center delegation that has gathered 19 fabulous folks from around the US and Canada. Yesterday we met with many key leaders of the resistance movement - their leader Carlos H Reyes, lawyers, teachers, feminists and journalists. It was a crash course in what life and resistance for 5 months under a repressive regime looks like. We squeezed in back-to-back meetings from morning to night, before the leaders set off for their places of hiding for the upcoming ¨"event" on Sunday, refusing to use the word "elections".

QC Election Delegation reports bomb explosion on bus route

Nov. 26, 2009 - A bomb exploded on a Catisa bus route between San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba at approximately 3:30pm today. The explosion occurred on a nearly empty bus right in front of the fire department. Fire fighters were able to respond immediately and report that the explosion was the result of a small bomb found in the luggage compartment of the bus. Fire fighters also report that a second bomb was also found in the luggage compartment that did not explode.
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