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Elections In Honduras: Whitewashing The Path To A Past Of Horrors

by Lisa Sullivan, School of the Americas Watch /Quixote Center Accompaniment Delegation

I came to Honduras with the to participate as a human rights observer of the electoral climate in a delegation organized by the Quixote Center. Several delegations converged, connecting some 30 U.S. citizens with dozens more from Canada, Europe and Latin America. In the days prior to the elections we scattered to different cities, towns and villages, meeting with fishermen, farmers, maquila workers, labor leaders, teachers and lawyers, as well as those who were jailed for carrying spray paint, hospitalized for being shot in the head by the military, and detained for reporting on the repression. It was, most likely, a bit off the 5-star, air-conditioned path of most of the mainstream journalists who are filling your morning papers with the wonders of today´s elections.

Press Release of US Citizens protest in front of Embassy in Honduras



San Pedro Sula downtown militarized - crackdown continues

QC Delegation reports that the military crackdown in San Pedro Sula continues. The downtown area is totally militarized with groups of security forces armed with M-16's are positioned on every corner for 10 square blocks. People on the street are grabbed and detained - tear gas canisters are thrown into the streets to disperse people. A helicopter if flying overhead. The full number of wounded and detained is not yet known.

Peaceful march in San Pedro Sula brutally repressed with water cannons and tear gas

San Pedro Sula, Honduras. 1:30pm.  A peaceful march of over 500 people was just culminating at the Central Park of San Pedro Sula when a large armored tank with high pressure water cannons mounted on the top pulled up at the rear of the march - along with a large truck full of military troops. The 500 peaceful, unarmed protesters turned around to face the tank and troops - and in unison, they sat down in the middle of the street. The truck retreated 2 blocks.  The soliders got off the truck , and began to put on gas masks.  Everything went silent - and suddenly the crowd was attacked with water cannons and gas.  People are fleeing. There are wounded and detained. The QC Delegation is fleeing the scene at this moment and will send reports.

Frente, COFADEH denounce ongoing climate of repression for the "electoral farce" in Honduras

"Even though they try to blame us for the violence, the violence is coming in one direction: from them, towards us." - Tomas Andino

  • Tanks and machine guns at STIBYS union headquarters
  • Red Comal raided and materials confiscated
  • Youth flee for their lives
  • Police launch bombs into communities
  • Journalist's whereabouts unknown


US Citizens to protest in front of Embassy in Honduras

Members of the Quixote Center delegation are organizing a presence in front of the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa at 3pm today, to reinforce the message that this electoral process is illegal, illigitimate, and further corrodes democracy.

Non-violent march called for San Pedro Sula today amidst bomb explosion and detentions.

The Quixote Center Delegation contingent in San Pedro Sula will observe a non-violent march called today by the resistance movement. The Delegation of US and Canadian citizens has received reports of detentions in Danli overnight and two bomb explosions in schools used as voting stations. One bomb exploded in a school in Progesso and another in San Pedro Sula. Both were heavy explosions- not homemade but military devices- and were located in areas that did not result in much damage. The explosions add to the state of te

Zacate Grande, Honduras -Leaders flee community, pursued by military. Nov. 29, 2009

Military and police entered the community of Zacate Grande at 2:00 am, detonating two bombs. The population of 800 families was obligated to vote by armed actors dressed as civilians. Twenty four community leaders, who appear on a list in the possession of the military, fled and are being pursued by the army. House by house searches are being conducted. The communities are terrified.
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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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