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Rep. Kaptur statement on escalation of risk for human rights defenders in Honduras

 Rep. Kaptur issused a statement of concern in response to an escalation of risk for human rights defenders in Honduras following intimidation and public threats to Fr. Ismael Moreno, SJ, Bertha Oliva and the Caceres family.  In her statement, Rep. Kaptur underscores the responsibility to speak out on  behalf of those at risk and to support the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act - HR-1299.


Rep. Ellison and Schakowsky register concern about threat to human rights defenders in Honduras

Representatives Ellison and Schakowsky issued statements of concern following an intensification of threats and intimidation targeting the family of Berta Caceres and other human rights defenders in Honduras.

UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights troubled by violence targeting human rights defenders.

 The United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights stressed the need to protect human rights defenders in Honduras.  During a visit to the country he said, “They are doing a tremendous service for the long-term future of Honduras and should never be attacked, punished or stigmatized.” 

Senators send letter to St. Dept. on DEA role in Ahuas killings.

Four top-ranking Senators, including Cardin (Ranking Dem. on Foreign Relations committee), Feinstein (Ranking on Judiciary, which oversees the DEA), Leahy (Ranking on Approps.), and Chuck Grassley (REPUBLICAN CHAIR of Judiciary), send letter about oversight of the DEA in the aftermath of the Inspector Generals' report about killings in Ahuas, Honduras.


New US Gov report confirms DEA lied about role in massacre in Ahuas, Honduras

A new report by the Offices of Inspector General of the US Justice and State Departments established that the DEA repeatedly lied to Congress about killing civilians in the remote village of Ahuas, Honduras. On May 11, 2012 four passengers in a river boat were killed when they were shot from helicopters during a joint antinarcotics operation by the Honduran police and the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The victims included two pregnant women. Three others were injured and several children were left orphaned.

Amnesty International issues Public Statement on concerns about due process and right to justice in Berta Caceres murder case

Following the postponement of the preliminary hearing in the case of Berta Caceres for a second time, Amnesty International issued a Public Statement outlining concerns about due process, right to justice, truth, reparation and the failure of the Honduran Public Prosecutor to make progress in identifying the intellectual authors of the murder. Read the statement here:

Legal Team for Berta Caceres issues Alert

When will the abuse and impunity on the part of the Public Ministry and the Judicial power end in the case Berta Cáceres?  Do the intellectual authors of this crime have so much power that they can openly be subjected to the justice system and nothing happens?  

78 Democrats speak out about human rights in Honduras in response to recent attacks.

58 House Representatives and 20 Senators sent letters to the Secretary of State Tillerson, registering concern about U.S. assistance to the Honduran government in light of ongoing threats and assassinations of human rights defenders and land rights and environmental activists.  See House and Senate Letters - attached.

Senator Leahy statement on one year anniversary of the murder of Berta Caceres: “It sounds a lot like the death squads in El Salvador in the 1980’s.”

In a statement marking the one year anniversary of the murder of Berta Caceres, Senator Patrick Leahy called for an independent investigation into her killing.   Expressing concern regarding reports that Honduran military officers involved in her murder received training by the United States, Senator Leahy stated, “It sounds a lot like the death squads in El Salvador in the 1980’s. 
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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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