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NEW DEADLINE: Next Human Rights Accompaniment Training for new volunteers, June 2012 in Atlantic Canada

PLEASE NOTE: PROAH accepts applications on an ongoing basis from individuals who have been trained for human rights accompaniment in the recent past with organizations familiar to PROAH who have extensive experience in accompaniment work in a comparable context and fulfill the rest of the requirements mentioned above and in this PDF.

Nicaragua – New Security Paradigm

Nicaragua News Bulliten 3.20.2012 -The English language web newspaper “Honduras Weekly” asked in Mar. 13 headline, “Nicaragua: A Security Model for Honduras?” The article, written by Hannah Stone, noted the concern recently expressed by Nicaraguan National Police Chief Aminta Granera that gangs from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras could move south, bringing the violence of the so-called Northern Triangle to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua says Poverty Alleviation Crucial to Control Drug Trafficking

Nicaragua News Bulletin 3/13/2012  US Vice-President Joe Biden met with the presidents of Central America on Mar. 6 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, for a discussion of drug trafficking and organized crime in the region. After the meeting, characterized as frank and open, Biden said that the administration of President Barack Obama would ask Congress for US$107 million annually for a regional Central American security strategy.

"Nicaragua: Surviving the Legacy of US Policy" – U.S. Tour