Trauma Healing

Costa Rica builds road along Rio San Juan causing massive environmental damage

 John Perry /15th December 2011– Costa Rica is renowned for its excellent environmental record, but with the construction of a 150km road beside the San Juan river it appears to be going against that reputation by causing enormous damage to the environment.  See entire story –

*John Perry lives in Nicaragua and writes about Central America.

Congressman Berman asks if US is "feeding the monster" in Honduras

Congressman Howard Berman released a strongly worded letter to Hillary Clinton, in which he expresses his concern about the human rights situation in Honduras.  The letter goes into great detail regarding the involvement of Honduran security forces in killings, torture and other crimes and states that it is necessary "to evaluate immediately United States assistance to ensure that we are not, in fact, feeding the beast."  Please see the attached letter.

Nicaraguan Peasant farmers defend seeds

Hundreds of peasant farmers, many of them members of the National Union of Farmers and Ranchers (UNAG), travelled to Managua last week to present to the government a petition laying out the necessity of rescuing, conserving, and planting local seeds of Nicaragua’s food crops as a way to achieve food sovereignty and food security and prevent the introduction of genetically modified seeds. The petitions were given on Sept.