Frente: With or Without Zelaya's Restitution, NO ELECTIONS!

The National Front of Resistance Against the Coup declares to the Honduran people and the International Community

Translated by Quixote’s Patricia Adams.
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  1. Since the midnight deadline of Thursday November 5th passed without the restitution of legitimate president Manual Zelaya, we declare we will actively ignore the electoral process of 29 November of this year.

    Elections which are driven by a de facto regime that represses and violates the human and political rights of the citizenry would only validate nationally and internationally the oligarchical dictatorship and secure the continuation of a system which marginalizes and exploits popular sectors in order to guarantee the privileges of a few.

    Participation in such a process would give legitimacy to the coup regime and to its successor which would be fraudulently installed on January 27, 2010.

  2. The refusal to acknowledge the electoral farce will remain firm between now and the elections even if President Manuel Zelaya is re-instated. A period of 20 days is too little time to dismantle an electoral fraud conceived to ensure that one of the representatives of the coup-leading oligarchy will be put in place and therefore give continuity to its repressive and anti-democratic project.

    The prior statement does not mean that we have renounced our fundamental demand that constitutional order be returned to Honduras, including the return of President Zelaya to the position for which he was chosen by the Honduran people to fill for four years.

  3. Now more than ever it is clear that the exercise of participatory democracy through the installation of a Constituent Assembly is not just a non-negotiable right but also the only way to provide the Honduran people with a democratic and inclusive political system.

  4. We denounce the complicit attitude of the US government, maneuvering to stall the crisis and now showing its true intention to validate the coup regime, thereby ensuring that the successor government will be docile in the face of the interests of transnational companies and their goal of regional control. Therefore, we consider correct the decision made by President Zelaya to declare the failure of the Tegucigalpa Agreement, an agreement which is part of the US strategy to stall Zelaya’s restitution in order to validate the electoral process.

  5. We call on all organizations and candidates in the November 29th elections to act in accordance with previously-stated commitments and publicly pull out of the electoral farce.

  6. We call together the mobilized and as yet unorganized sectors of the population to join actions which reject the electoral farce and promote acts of civil disobedience, the support for which is found in Article 3 of the Constitution of the Republic, which gives us the right to disobedience and popular insurrection.

  7. To the friendly nations and peoples of the world, we call on you to maintain political pressure to overthrow the military dictatorship imposed by oligarchy and imperialism, as well as commit to recognize neither the illegitimate elections of November 29 nor the spurious authorities who seek to pass themselves off as elected representatives of the people.

    Tegucigalpa 9 November 2009