Zacate Grande Peninsula: Update

June 2011 – For the fourth time in two months, Pedro Canales Torres, president of ADEPZA (Association for the Development of the Zacate Grande Peninsula) suffered an attempt on his life.  As he was heading out to San Lorenzo with his family, he realized that something was wrong with his car. Stopping to explore the problem, he saw that someone had placed barbed wire around the front wheels.  Fortunately he discovered the wire before getting on the highway where it could have caused a serious accident.  
On the same day, also in the community of La Flor, individuals working for CARITAS were visiting the community and its tourism project when they realized that the wheels of their car had been punctured with nails.  
June 10th and 11th landowner Miguel Facussé held a party in the sector known as La Joya to which all of the Zacate Grande Peninsula was invited. The “Gran Event” included a soccer tournament and product offerings (snacks, Issima soups, etc.) from Facussé’s companies at half the price.  Facussé, presided over prize-giving ceremonies and photo ops, leaving two minutes later in his private helicopter.
Reporters with the community radio La Voz de Zacate Grande covered the event, exposing Facussé’s political propaganda objectives. In opposition to Facussé’s event, on Friday night a documentary on the assassinations in the Bajo Aguan region was projected in the Puerto Grande community. Before the showing, participants held a ceremony in honor of the victims of the Bajo Aguan, with chants and the lighting of candles to commemorate the martyrs.
Submitted by: Alessandro Bellini de CICA
Translation by: Honduras Accompaniment Project(HAP). The Honduras Accompaniment Project continues to provide international human rights accompaniment in Zacate Grande where the situation remains tense.