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The Friendship Office works to sustain the strong ties of solidarity between the people of Nicaragua and the United States that were forged during the decades of the 1980s when US citizens worked to oppose the US sponsored contra war against the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua. We support efforts of the poorest of the poor to create better living conditions, reforest and restore watersheds, to strengthen historic memory and to promote just U.S. and international policy toward Nicaragua.

News and Analysis

President Daniel Ortega stated on March 10 that Nicaragua reserves the right to reopen its 1980s lawsuit against the United States before the International Court of Justice at The Hague (World Court). The US did not recognize and never complied with the Court's 1986 ruling that it was illegal...
Nicaragua Network, Nicaragua News Bulletin: The Washington Post's Christmas Day gift to Nicaragua was to publish an inflammatory and inaccurate editorial accusing the Obama administration of being "Soft on Nicaragua." The editorial invoked favorably Ronald Reagan's war against...