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“To migrate is a right, to be expelled from your country should be a crime” A.L.

The Child Migration Crisis and the Legacy of the Honduran Coup

In the years just before the June 28, 2009 coup d’état, Honduras was rarely in the U.S. news. In the five years since, Honduras has received much more coverage, but it’s all bad press. Most recently has been the story of the surge of unaccompanied minors from Central America at U.S. borders. Of the 47,000 children apprehended by U.S.

NALACC says more militarization will exacerbate crisis of unaccompanied children on the U.S. border


In this attached article NALACC Calls for Immediate Response and Attention to Underlying Development and Policy Failures



COFADEH Urgent Action June 9, 2014

Due to several incidents in and around the offices of COFADEH, and one violent assault against a COFADEH staff member, they have issued the attached Urgent Action request.

Urgent Action from COFADEH on events in el Bajo Aguan

"16 people were captured including three members of the campesino leadership with precautionary measures issued by the IACHR on May 8, 2014."

Main points from Summary of Human Rights in Honduras- April 2014.

Listed below are the the main items from our April 2014 Honduras Human Rights Summary:

*Honduras featured in a number of reports by international organizations: IACHR, PBI Honduras, Global Witness.

*Government under criticism for continued failure to implement IACHR precautionary measures and for proposal to withdraw them from some beneficiaries.

Amnesty International issues alert on José Ruelas

The Director of Casa Alianza Honduras, a children’s rights organization, was beaten and detained by military police on 8 May. He believes his mistreatment was in retaliation for speaking out against violence against children in Honduras and denouncing government inaction on the matter.  The attached Pdf document is the Alert recently issued by Amnesty International regarding the case.
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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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